Discover how you can cut your phone costs & get 150% more VoIP compared to our competition with True Dial.

VoIP Phone Service: How VoIP Phone Service

Works & Why Your Business Needs It


VoIP Phone Service: How it Works

VoIP phone service​ works by converting audio and video into data and sending it via the internet to the receiver, where it is translated back into audio and video format. VoIP phone service from True Dial provides huge advantages for businesses in terms of cut costs and increased productivity when switching to a VoIP business phone number and system. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the tech. that enables businesses and consumers to make calls over IP networks. This VoIP is what allows computer networks to function as a regular network or landline. (Public Switched Telephone Network - PTSN) VoIP phone systems and service can be applied in a number of ways, including on premise and cloud PBX, and as well as SIP Trunking.

All Inclusive VoIP Phone Service 

True Dial's VoIP phone service includes telephony features including audio and video calling/conferencing, advanced sms, call routing, cloud PBX, hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking, Mobile Office Apps., Unified Communications, and more. Our advanced calling features improve internal and external communications, boosting productivity and your business's profits. Our all-inclusive VoIP phone service and packages have an option for any business.

How VoIP Phone Service Benefits Businesses

VoIP phone service is a great way for a business to cut their costs while increasing the quality and features of their phone system. Cloud PBX and VoIP use the internet to make calls, so as long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can switch to VoIP & start saving!

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Our VoIP Phone Services:

Mobile Office

Your mobile phone becomes your mobile office with features like office extension, extension to extension dialing, chat, and more to increase productivity.

Cloud Based Phone System

A reliable high quality phone system that simply works. Whether you have five or fifty employees, we have a solution that meets your needs.

Unified Communications

"Teams" is the seamless integration of voice, chat, data, applications, and video conferencing that improves communications and business productivity

SIP Trunking

Connect your on-premise phone system to the cloud and take advantage of modern communication features that improve productivity, reduce costs, and take your team mobile

API Integration

Integrate applications like outlook,, or other 3rd party web applications to help you with key features like, click-to-dial, screen pops, call logging, and more.

Phone System Consulting

Interested in all the new features but not sure where to start?  Let's assess your business needs, install the system, and train your team to take advantage of a modern communication system.

Why should your business switch to VoIP phone service from True Dial?

Get 150% more VoIP service vs. our competition.* We provide 150 more toll free minutes per month than RingCentral™️'s $20/mo. phone package.

Easy to use, feature rich VoIP phone systems. Get video conferencing, mobile office apps, call routing, unified communications, and more with our extensive services selection.

Integrates with your existing set-up, so there is no additional equipment needed.

Save up to 40% when you switch to True Dial compared to your traditional phone systems.

Get flexible package options. Pay only for what you need & use

Get 150% More VoIP Phone Service with True Dial

True Dial provides businesses with 150% more VoIP service minutes compared to RingCentral™️. Don't Pay More For Less.

Business VoIP Phone Service

VoIP phone systems give businesses unlimited telephony configurations and solutions. Get advanced features like audio and video conferencing, SMS, mobile office apps, and more...

No Additional Hardware

VoIP phone systems only require an internet-connected device such as your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. Unlike an on-premise phone system, you don't need equipment such as a PBX box or server.

Flexible VoIP Phone System

Cloud based voice-over-IP phone service enables you to make calls, conferences, SMS, and faxes from anywhere since you're using the internet for connectivity.

Business Phone Service Plans

Get advanced telephony solutions such as unified communications, VoIP, hosted and cloud PBX, and more.. Only pay for what you need and use. Scale up or down at any time.

Hassle Free VoIP Phone

True Dial integrates seamlessly with your existing phone system. We can typically have you up and running in 24hrs. or less.

SIP Trunking

Connect your on-premise phone system to the cloud and take advantage of modern communication features that improve productivity, reduce costs, and take your team mobile

Feature Rich VoIP Phone Systems

Premium VoIP Telephone Service & Hosted PBX

Get an advanced, cloud based PBX system. Your VoIP phone system will automatically route your incoming calls to the right department, increasing efficiency and boosting brand image.


Unified Communications for Easy Management

True Dial's VoIP phone service gives your business extensive telephony features. Get audio and video calling, conferencing, mobile office apps, cloud PBX, business phone numbers, and more.. Our customizable VoIP phone service plans make sure you only pay for what you need and use. No hidden fees or additional markups for phone system features.

Feature Rich Business VoIP Phone Systems

True Dial also gives you management features to help you enhance your communications between business facets. Configure call handling options for business hours, directories, forward calls to multiple numbers simultaneously, and multi-facet auto-attendant capabilities.

Limitless VoIP Phone Service Configurations

Client's and team members can also customize how they receive calls, including call screening, forwarding, SMS, voicemail, text-to-voice, faxing, and more...

Get the Most Out of VoIP with Enterprise Level IP Phone Service

Businesses get the most value from our VoIP telephone services; we provide SIP trunking for our signaling protocol, helping you seamlessly integrate your existing cloud solutions.  We provide different VoIP service plans and pricing so you find something that works for you.

Use Your iPhone or Android to make VoIP calls

With True Dial's VoIP phone service, you can take your office anywhere. Use your iPhone or Android to make business calls as usual; log into your True Dial account with our unified Mobile Office app.

Pricing Plans:



  • True Dial Seat License

  • Local or Toll Free Number

  • Custom Call Routing

  • E911

  • 250 Minutes Outbound



  • True Dial Seat License

  • Local or Toll Free Number

  • Custom Call Routing

  • E911

  • 500 Minutes Outbound

  • True Dial TEAMS

  • Mobile App



  • True Dial Seat License

  • Local or Toll Free Number

  • Custom Call Routing

  • E911

  • 1000 Minutes Outbound

  • True Dial TEAMS

  • Mobile App

  • Voice Mail to Text


Frequently Asked VoIP Questions:

Who has the best business VoIP phone service?

The best VoIP phone service comes down to more than simply making calls via the internet. At True Dial, we believe customers should also receive excellent customer service, a great user experience, and amazing service. True Dial provides cloud PBX and VoIP phone service solutions that enable users to call, text, video chat, and more from a single platform.

How much does good VoIP service cost?

With True Dial, businesses can get hosted VoIP phone service for $20-$45 per line/user. Your VoIP service costs depend on what features you need, how much time you'll be using, and the VoIP service provider. Check out True Dial's VoIP pricing and plans by clicking here. It doesn't matter if you're a small business, medium sized business, or large scale enterprise; you'll find a VoIP phone service package that fits your needs. Our VoIP service allows businesses to make calls across the globe. Our unified communications and VoIP phone solutions give you both a calling plan and unified communication hub.

Do I need a service provider for VoIP phone service?

In theory, your business could create your own VoIP phone solution if you have the IT infrastructure, skills, and knowledge to do so. However, the capital needed to pull that off is incredibly large. For a cheaper, easier VoIP solution, there's True Dial. We provide the advanced VoIP services such as cloud PBX, call routing and forwarding, auto-attendants, and more with our all-inclusive pricing and VoIP plans. We enable you to host your own secure VoIP cloud infrastructure while leveraging the internet for service.

Can I get free VoIP service?

Free VoIP services do exist, such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. These businesses us VoIP apps that use the internet to place calls. However, these apps are designed for consumers and not use within your business. If you want a professional brand image, True Dial's VoIP phone service is your best option, particularly due to our advanced calling features. Our flexible VoIP service plans enable you to have reliable communications without surprise costs or charges.

Why do people use VoIP service?

Businesses use VoIP phone systems because of affordability when compared to landlines and traditional phone service. VoIP can also be used for video conferencing. Other technologies go into audio and video conferencing, but VoIP is typically what allows people to actually talk to one another.

Is VoIP service reliable?

Many Cloud-based VoIP phone service providers operate with server redundancy. This means if one server gets backed up or fails, there are backup servers in place to capture the data that spills over, dramatically increasing the reliability of your phone system. Compared to traditional phone lines, where if the line was broken your service would be out until repaired.

With True Dial's VoIP phon service, if you have a high-speed internet connection, you'll receive high-quality voice and video calls with 99.9% uptime. If you configure your system with a backup power source, you can increase your VoIP phone service connectivity to 99.99%.

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