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Small Business VoIP Phone Systems 

Small business VoIP from True Dial provides a cheaper phone solution with all the features of an enterprise system. Get 150% more VoIP service vs. our competition, and cut your phone costs by 40% instantly.

Small Business VoIP

Small business VoIP service from True Dial provides you with a cheap VoIP phone solution, with all the features of an enterprise system. You need a business VoIP phone system that provides flexible package options with no contracts, while maintaining great features. Small business VoIP systems from True Dial provides you with advanced call features, audio and video conferencing, unified communication applications, hosted PBX solutions, call routing, and more—all from one easy-to-use platform.​

Our small business VoIP phone service seamlessly integrates with your existing business phone system, so there's likely no need for extra equipment. Just another way switching to True Dial gives your business the competitive edge it needs.


When you get small business VoIP service from True dial, you get advanced, big-business features for 40% less than what it's costing you for service now. Since you already have internet, you don't have additional fees associated with paying the phone company. When switching to True Dial for business VOIP, you also get 150% more VoIP minutes vs our competition. Don't pay more for less!

How to Get the Best Small Business VoIP Phone System

Finding the best small business VoIP phone system is all about understanding what you need, and finding the best business VoIP service provider for you. VoIP service providers come in all shapes and sizes; 

Get 150% more vs. our competition.* We provide 150 more toll free minutes per month than RingCentral™️'s $20/mo. phone package.

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Easy to use, feature rich VoIP. Get video conferencing, mobile office apps, call routing, unified communications, and more with our extensive services selection.

Integrates with your existing set-up, so there is no additional equipment needed.

Save up to 40% when you switch to True Dial compared to your traditional phone systems.

Get flexible package options. Pay only for what you need & use


What type of VoIP Phone System does my small business need?

Small Business VoIP Phone Systems are phone systems that use the internet as a service provider. Small businesses have options to choose between cloud based and hosted PBX, or on-premise configurations. Whether or not you need Read more on VoIP Here. (What is the meaning of VoIP?)

The size of your small to medium business and what features you'll need will determine which business VoIP phone system is best for you. We suggest speaking with a VoIP service provider like True Dial to discuss the important details.


Cheap Small Business VoIP Service Options

Cheap small business VoIP phone systems are typically a bad investment, but with True Dial small businesses can get a VoIP phone for as little as $19.99. Our clients consistently save as much as 40% on their phone bills when switching to True Dial for their small business business phone. Our small business VoIP service packages are flexible too, so you only pay for what you need and use, which is a huge advantage.

How Small Business VoIP System Will Benefit You

Small Business VoIP Phone Service is becoming the industry standard. Picking the best small business VoIP phone system can be a huge step in making your business more competitive in an increasingly tough landscape. True Dial provides small businesses with hosted PBX and cloud PBX VoIP solutions, mobile VoIP phone apps, and addresses all your office communication needs. On-premise and cloud based phone systems create unified communications for small and medium sized businesses, and provide a cheap business phone alternative to give you an edge. Whether you're running a small business or large scale enterprise, businesses realize the benefits True Dial's VoIP phone service provides our clients.

Get VoIP Phone Service Built for Small Business

What are the advantages of a Small Businesses VoIP Phone System?

Small Business VoIP Phone Systems provide cheap telephony solutions for small, medium, and large businesses across the globe. Here are a few benefits your small business could gain from a VoIP phone system from a VoIP service provider like True Dial:

Affordability: Small business VoIP phone systems are great for helping businesses get cheap phone lines with increased features. Long-distance is lower compared to landline calls, and hosted PBX solutions reduce expensive infrastructure like on-premise PBX.

Mobile Office: SMB VoIP phone systems from True Dial enable communications regardless of where you are. Our clients enjoy advanced calling features like call routing, virtual office-extensions, and can take calls under their business phone line regardless of their location.

Flexibility: Our IP phone systems scale up or down as you do. If you're increasing your work force, you can easily add additional business phone lines within purchasing additional equipment. Small business VoIP service from True Dial can also easily integrate multiple locations and connect your offices under one VoIP provider. 

Easy Set Up & Configuration: Traditional systems, such as an on-premise phone, used to require maintenance. With a small business VoIP phone system from True Dial, you can easily manage your system with features not available on your old business phone. Small business VoIP service provider True Dial enables out-of-the-box VoIP phone capabilities for small businesses. 

These are just a handful of benefits small business VoIP phone systems provide. For a full list of small business VoIP phone solutions, contact a True Dial Small Business VoIP Phone System Consultant. (Click Here)

Why Small Businesses Love True Dial Phone Systems

True Dial's small business VoIP phone systems are a cheap VoIP phone solution, while maintaining all the great features of an enterprise system. True Dial offers audio and video calling and conferencing, toll-free business phone numbers, custom call-ID's, hosted PBX, and mobile office apps. Get features like faxing and voice-to-text with our mobile VoIP service all in one system.

Mobile Office App & VoIP:  Use your business phone line to text, call, and chat from any device. We can route in-bound calls to all devices simultaneously to improve your small business's productivity. 

Quick VoIP Phone System Set-up: We can set up your small business's VoIP phone system in a day or less. Take full control of your business's communications and configure your new cheaper VoIP phone so you can respond  quickly in today's dynamic business environment.

Small Business Phone Security: True Dial eliminates any stress about security issues with end-to-end encryption and multi-level verification. True Dial ensure's your important data is secure throughout the call.

Business Phone System Support: Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and our customer support line is second to none. Our technical support team is always eager to take your calls and answer your questions.

Cheap VoIP Phone Line for Small Businesses: You get 150% more VoIP service with True Dial compared to our biggest competition, and save 40% on average when switching from a traditional landline to True Dial.