True Dial provides businesses with 150% more high-quality hosted VoIP phone services for the same price as our competitors. Don't pay more for less!

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What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is the latest and greatest technology when it comes to business phone systems. Hosted PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a telephone system accessible over a network stored in the cloud. It's also known as a IP (Internet Protocol) PBX phone system. Since a hosted PBX is a cloud-based phone system, this telephony solution happens entirely over the internet, which reduces costs. This makes a IP PBX phone system an attractive business phone. Business phone providers like True Dial manage the system and ensure everything is running flawlessly, so you can focus on what's important—running your business.

What are the benefits of a Hosted PBX phone system from True Dial?

1. Lower Costs: Since you don't have to buy or maintain hosted PBX hardware, you save on those expenses. True Dial's hosted VoIP customers regularly see 40% in savings on their phone bill.

2. Easy to Use, Advanced Features: IP PBX Phone Systems come with advanced apps and features that help increase you and your team's productivity while increasing the quality of your calls.

3. Seamless Integration: Hosted VoIP from True Dial integrates directly with your existing CRM and other applications so you can connect your team, increase communication, sales, and boost profits.

4. Get 150% More: Yep. You read that right. True Dial provides 150% more hosted PBX VoIP minutes than RingCentral™️. Why pay more...for less? Don't overspend for the exact same high-quality, feature rich PBX.

5. Customer Centric Service: Hosted PBX provider True Dial goes above and beyond for our clients. We boast 99.999% uptime; if there's ever something you have a question about, or you'd like more information about our business phone systems, our team is always available to answer your questions.

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Hosted PBX Services: Why Switch?


There are a handful of reasons why those looking for a business phone provider would switch to a hosted PBX. Business phone providers often charge more per user. When switching to True Dial for your hosted VoIP cloud based phone services, you get a low monthly cost per user; we enable you to pick flexible package options so you only pay for what you need and use. True Dial also gives you incredible, advanced VoIP features; call forwarding, SMS, SIP Trunking, Mobile Office Applications, and more. To view more hosted PBX  features, click here.​ Not only do we offer advanced VoIP phone services, but we can have you up and running in 48hrs. or less. Our hosted PBX solutions have a 99.99% up-time, so you never have to worry about missing an important call. Hosted PBX provider True Dial provides the high-quality cloud based phone services your business needs to keep running.​

Hosted PBX: Learn More

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is a Private Branch Exchange rendered as a "hosted" service. A hosted PBX can be delivered in three ways; over the Public Switched Telephone Network, known as a (PSTN), over the internet, (Hosted IP/Internet Protocol) or a combination of the two. So when you hear "Hosted IP PBX" it simply means the Private Branch Exchange service is delivered via the internet. A hosted PBX allows you business to route communications over hardware that isn't physically at the location where calls are being made and received. A hosted PBX provider like True Dial will route the calls for your business. 

What is Hosted VoIP??

Hosted VoIP is essentially the same thing as a hosted PBX; hosted VoIP and hosted PBX both describe your calls as coming over the internet in data packets, opposed to a landline. Previously, when you wanted to route calls as thy came into your business, you would you would have needed a box at your location, and an operator to manually route calls by plugging and unplugging cords. Thanks to VoIP technology, that box is maintained by a VoIP service provider like True Dial. Your hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or hosted PBX is using the internet in the same way you are; you don't have a physical server at your house. Your usage goes through the cloud, which is where your digital files are stored. 

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What are some more benefits of using a hosted PBX VoIP provider?

We listed some ways regarding how getting  Hosted PBX phone system from True Dial will benefit your business, but there are more reasons a hosted PBX will help your business. Not only do you no longer have to worry about hardware, but your business still retains all the advanced, easy to use features like call routing, forwarding, SMS/Email to Voice, and more. We've included more benefits of a hosted PBX VoIP provider below:​

Savings: Since your hosted PBX/hosted VoIP requires no hardware investment on your end, you save on purchasing and the hardware completely.

No Maintenance: Your IP PBX Phone System is maintenance free when you choose True Dial as your hosted PBX provider. 

Scale up or down: Our cloud based business phone systems are 100% virtual, so you can scale up when your business expands, or down if you don't use the phone system during seasonal fluctuations. 

Increased Mobility: When you go with True Dial as your hosted PBX VoIP provider, you get  cloud based phone services that allow you to work anywhere. You can be on the beach, and when a call comes to your office, our systems will route the calls to your cellphone even though a prospect or customer is calling your office.

​More Professional: A hosted PBXVoIP phone comes with more features than what you have now, which can be used to increase the professionalism of your business through advanced call routing and forwarding options. ​


Get 150% More Minutes with Hosted PBX VoIP Provider True Dial

True Dial provides businesses with 150% more hosted PBX VoIP service minutes compared to RingCentral™️. Don't Pay More For Less.

Hosted PBX VoIP 

Hosted VoIP PBX gives businesses unlimited telephony configurations and solutions. Get advanced features like audio and video conferencing, SMS, mobile office apps, and more...

No Additional Hardware

PBX VoIP phone systems only require an internet-connected device such as your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. Unlike an on-premise phone system, you don't need equipment such as a PBX box or server.

Flexible Cloud Phone System

Cloud based voice-over-IP phone service enables you to make calls, conferences, SMS, and faxes from anywhere since you're using the internet for connectivity.

Business Phone Service Plans

Get advanced telephony solutions such as unified communications, VoIP, hosted and cloud PBX, and more.. Only pay for what you need and use. Scale up or down at any time.

Hassle Free VoIP Phone

True Dial integrates seamlessly with your existing phone system. We can typically have you up and running in 24hrs. or less.

SIP Trunking

Connect your on-premise phone system to the cloud and take advantage of modern communication features that improve productivity, reduce costs, and take your team mobile

Frequently Asked Hosted PBX VoIP Provider Questions:

Do you have a contract termination policy?

We don't. Our service is month-to-month, so you never have to worry about long-term commitments.

Will I get the features I need?

We advise having a list of features you want ahead of time; if you aren't sure exactly what you're looking for or what is the best fit for your organization, one of our friendly hosted PBX VoIP consultants will walk you through the process to discover which services are going to provide you with the most value. Determining your specific needs will help you find the right cloud based phone service package, as well as mitigate charges if you want to expand your hosted PBX VoIP service.

Will I need additional equipment?

Hosted PBX VoIP is a business phone service that integrates directly to your existing internet connection. If your internet isn't sufficient to handle the additional bandwidth associated with Hosted PBX, you might have to buy more equipment or increase your bandwidth.

What if I change the number of lines?

Business phone system provider True Dial gives you the ability to increase or decrease Hosted PBX phone lines as you need. When thinking about a business phone system, be sure your VoIP service provider gives you the flexibility to add capacity when necessary. 

Are there any usage costs that aren't covered in my service plan? How about international calls?

Usage costs will depend on your plan, number of lines, and connection fees. Inbound toll free services are by the minute, as with international calling. 

What day-to-day usage costs are not covered by my service plan? What are the rates for international calls?

Service fees, per-minute charges, and connection fees are often places where a provider can tack on additional monthly costs. Discuss your plan to identify how many usage minutes you have per month in your current phone plan. 

Can True Dial VoIP's system handle inbound and outbound faxes? Can I integrate my fax machine with a hosted PBX VoIP or do I need additional equipment?

If you're trying to send a fax over VoIP, this can be difficult. If faxing is a key part of your business, be sure to consult with your carrier to make sure they have a solution. You need careful configuration, the right equipment, and links to configure originating and terminating carriers. Hosted VoIP service providers may offer several options:

Cloud-based fax where inbound faxes arrive as a PDF or downloadable link, and outbound faxes are sent as a print-to-fax or portal.

Machine enabled fax where an analog telephone adapter (ATA) and IP are used with your fax machine. The hosted PBX VoIP (cloud-based) option is great for avoiding fees associated with paper and ink costs.