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Get 150% more vs. our competition.* We provide 150 more toll free minutes per month than RingCentral™️'s $20/mo. phone package.

Easy to use, feature rich VoIP. Get video conferencing, mobile office apps, call routing, unified communications, and more with our extensive services selection.

Save up to 40% when you switch to True Dial compared to your traditional phone systems.

Get flexible package options. Pay only for what you need & use

Integrates with your existing set-up, so there is no additional equipment needed.

True Dial provides businesses with high-speed, reliable VoIP phone systems—at a price they can afford. You could cut your phone costs by 40% instantly when you switch, and you only pay for what you need and use with our flexible package options. Get the cloud-based phone, mobile office apps, SIP trunking, and API integrations your business needs to scale. Package options starting as low as $20/mo.

Get a free consultation to discover what package is the best for your organization. 

Savings claim is based on the average monthly recurring charge for unlimited domestic business calling plans from the top three leading wireless service providers. Comparison excludes promotional pricing, fees, surcharges or taxes and assumes a customer already has broadband service. Check your phone bill to determine the savings that would apply to you. Competitor claim is based on the average monthly recurring charge & minutes for "Phone" calling plans from RingCentral™️. Comparison excludes promotional pricing, fees, surcharges or taxes and assumes a customer already has broadband service. * Pricing applies to new customers only. High speed internet required.

Our Services:

Mobile Office App

Your mobile phone becomes your mobile office with features like office extension, extension to extension dialing, chat, and more to increase productivity.

Cloud Based Phone System

A reliable high quality phone system that simply works. Whether you have five or fifty employees, we have a solution that meets your needs.

Unified Communications

"Teams" is the seamless integration of voice, chat, data, applications, and video conferencing that improves communications and business productivity

SIP Trunking

Connect your on-premise phone system to the cloud and take advantage of modern communication features that improve productivity, reduce costs, and take your team mobile

API Integration

Integrate applications like outlook, saleforce.com, or other 3rd party web applications to help you with key features like, click-to-dial, screen pops, call logging, and more.

Phone System Consulting

Interested in all the new features but not sure where to start?  Let's assess your business needs, install the system, and train your team to take advantage of a modern communication system.

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Get Your Free Consult: Tell us your business, # of employees, etc..

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Get reliable, high-quality VoIP service at a price you can afford.

Discover your quickest path to profits with a free 20min. consultation

True Dial provides everything your business needs to connect employees, customers, and partners. We work with best-in-class voice carriers, both locally and globally, and use the most reliable network with the highest speeds available. You stay connected when it matters most.

1. Get a 30min. discovery call: It's likely you already know what you need to do to solve your problem, you just aren't sure exactly what VoIP package to choose or aren't sure if you have the resources to get it done. We'll go over all your project details on our call.

2. We will then educate you on your potential solutions, what the outcome of those solutions will be, and explain what system is the most scalable and cost effective for you.

3. You'll get a VoIP solution that is easy to use and gives you the data you need to make important business decisions. 

Why True Dial?

About Your Quick-Win
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Absolutely Free. No cost.
No Obligation.
Works for small and large 

No long-term commitment required

Creates quick fixes to drive immediate results

Cut phone costs by 40% with True Dial's VoIP phone systems compared to your traditional phone system.

Get 150% More VoIP minutes with True Dial's "Enterprise" package compared to RingCentral™️'s "Phone" package

Our simple & easy set up makes transitioning to VoIP quick & easy. No additional equipment required.

Get affordable, tailored solutions that fit your business, and budget. Pay only for what you need & use. 

Increase productivity by automating communication tasks. "Teams" is the seamless integration of cloud-voice, chat, data, applications, and video conferencing that improves communications and business productivity.

Integrates directly with your CRM for accurate customer records.

No long-term commitment required. Upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Virtually limitless cloud communications configuration possibilities to configure how you setup your hosted PBX and VoIP solution to make and take calls.

“True Dial provided all the features we needed for our growing business. It was easy to convert, and we are saving a ton of money compared to our old service."

Matt Swearingen
Controller, True North LLC

Our Services:

Unified Communications "Teams"

Mobile Office Apps

API Integrations

SIP Trunking

Pricing Plans:



  • True Dial Seat License

  • Local or Toll Free Number

  • Custom Call Routing

  • E911

  • 250 Minutes Outbound



  • True Dial Seat License

  • Local or Toll Free Number

  • Custom Call Routing

  • E911

  • 500 Minutes Outbound

  • True Dial TEAMS

  • Mobile App



  • True Dial Seat License

  • Local or Toll Free Number

  • Custom Call Routing

  • E911

  • 1000 Minutes Outbound

  • True Dial TEAMS

  • Mobile App

  • Voicemail to Text

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