The 10 Biggest Benefits of VoIP for Businesses

Why You Should Switch to VoIP for Business Phone Service

VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP) is a phone solution that is great for small, medium, or large size businesses. VoIP service from True Dial provides flexibility, lower costs, while simultaneously increasing features for businesses. In another article, we break down what the meaning of VoIP is and how it works; in this post we're going to focus on why VoIP phone service is a great for businesses.

10 Biggest Reasons to Switch to True Dial VoIP

1. Enhanced Call Quality: VoIP provides businesses with clear call quality, from anywhere with internet. As a matter of fact, True Dial's VoIP phone service can provide a higher call quality than traditional phone lines.

2. More Features for Less Money: Business VoIP phone systems come with a large array of applications for you and your employees. VoIP phone service packages include include advanced call features, audio and video conferencing, unified communication applications, hosted PBX solutions, call routing, and more—all from one easy-to-use platform.​

3. Improved Call Security: True Dial VoIP phone systems are designed with advanced encryption right out of the gate, keeping your calls, messages, and data safe and secure. Before buying a VoIP phone system or picking a VoIP service provider, ask if they use advanced encryption.

4. Portability: Since business VoIP phone systems work with an internet connection, you can take your office with you wherever you go. With telephony features available from an app on your smartphone, you can turn your mobile device into a multi-faceted business phone without extra hardware.

5. Increased Productivity: VoIP phone systems help improve productivity through increased availability, eliminating the time it takes to play "phone tag" after a missed call. Since your office goes wherever you do, you won't miss another call. If you do miss a call, with call-forwarding, you can automatically route a call to another team member.

6. Scalability: With True Dial VoIP, you can upgrade or downgrade your VoIP service options at any time. This is great for the ebbs and flows associated with running a business. If you're in a seasonal industry, having a scalable phone system has benefits in terms of savings and efficiency.

7. Recording and Tracking: If your team fields many calls, you will want a way to track performance and ensure the highest quality of customer service. Never worry about what was said during a call again.

8. Costs: VoIP phone service from True Dial enables businesses to cut their phone costs by 40% immediately.


9. No Hardware Needed: Our VoIP phone systems require no additional hardware. If you want a hosted PBX, we can get you set up and running off your existing IP phone, router, and broadband service.

10. Get More: VoIP phone service from True Dial provides businesses with 150% more VoIP service compared to other larger providers. Why pay more for the exact same service?

Thinking about VoIP service for your business? Contact True Dial now for a Quick-Win Consultation. We will discuss your company, needs, as well as make recommendations for what VoIP phone service package will provide you with the most value. 

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